Why Should You Select In-Home Care for Your Aging Parent?

When a parent begins to show signs of aging, it can be difficult for a child to figure out the best next step. Perhaps a parent is independent enough to continue living in his or her own home but needs a bit of extra help. There are many benefits to giving a senior the extra care they might need, both on a practical level and when it comes to your own peace of mind. Here are a few reasons why hiring an in-home professional care for aging parent can be a great, stress-free option for seniors.

More Independence

When a senior is showing certain signs of age but isn’t quite ready to make the move to assisted living, in-home care is a perfect compromise. Instead of having a senior move into a new, unfamiliar environment, they’ll be able to continue life as they know it, with no difference to their usual habits and routines. Their lives will continue as they always have, but with the added comfort and security of having someone on location and ready to respond to any medical emergencies or potentially stressful situations.


If a senior has recently lost their partner, is far away from family, or simply has a harder time getting out and being social, in-home care can be a great option. Having a caretaker spend real time with an aging parent can be a great way for them to keep a certain social balance without any additional strain or change to their lifestyle. A service like Seniors Helping Seniors can be a great option for allowing seniors to spend time with their peers while helping each other at the same time.


When a parent starts to become forgetful, confused, or disoriented, safety is the first concern. As a senior gets older, they might become more forgetful about basic home maintenance and could end up placing themselves in danger. Additionally, if a senior has a pre-existing condition and requires care, having someone on-call can mean the difference between controlling the situation and seeing it escalate into a full-scale emergency. Even if a senior can still do basic household activities without help, it’s possible that with time, even the most basic chores could become overwhelming. Having someone there just to help out with the basics could make a lot of difference in terms of preventative damage.

Quality of Life

Aging is hard, and living alone can be taxing even on the most independent seniors. In addition to providing round-the-clock attention and helping with household chores and maintenance, in-home care can provide a feeling of safety, security, and kinship for a senior who is beginning to feel cut off from regular social events and activities. Just having someone there to talk has been proven to help with mental health, and this can make a big difference in the life of a senior who is beginning to experience confusing life changes and a potential loss of control.