The Use Of Steroids In Professional Sports

It is common to see headlines talking about how some professional athletes have been suspended for the next couple of games due to confirmed use of steroids. According to some publications, doping has been a challenge in the sports world since mid 20th century. However, the use of steroids by high profile and professional sports men and women is almost unstoppable now.

According to the sales manager of reputable and trusted steroids seller,, most of their clients are the high-end athletes and bodybuilding champions from all over the world. So, is it even fair anymore to impose various bans on them? Does the regulating bodies even care? Matters of steroid use still remains a hard nut to crack.

Athletes and body builder who have gone for steroids

Various news publications have shown that many professionals in sports have gone for steroids to enhance their performance. One can only wonder what it is that makes athletes go for steroids.

Both Barry Bonds (baseball player) and Marion Jones (track athlete) have been reported to purportedly use tetrahydrogestrinone or THG in the attempt to maintain their stardom in their respective sports.

In 2005 a retired baseball star Jose Canseco confessed used of steroid together with other stars in his auto biographies like ‘Smash hits and how baseball got big,’ ‘Juiced: Wild times’ and many others.

It was not over until in 2007 when a French Tour De France champion Bjarne Riis also confessed to having used steroids heavily to win his title. The only thing the sports organizers could do was to recall the title.

In 2015 is a Kenyan three-time marathon champion Rita Jeptoo was banned from competing for two years after it was confirmed that she has doped to win the races.

A Chinese swimming team champion was suspected of using hydrochlorothiazide. This is a banned steroid in the Olympics and when tested, the results came positive.

Reasons why steroids are used in sports

Steroids are artificially made hormones, either from synthetic or natural sources. They are made as a cure for various diseases like lack of muscles in the body. However, when used in sports under different doses, they result to the following;

  • Muscle cells growth – bodybuilders and athletes who want to have more muscles usually go for steroids to enhance this. Most of them boost the production or directly add testosterone to the body which adds the cell mass. In extreme cases, bodybuilders take high doses which can transform their muscles incredibly within a short time.
  • They add strength and power – when steroids are used as pre-workout supplements, they assist the weight lifters and athletes to have extra power in the muscle cells. Amphetamines are known to alter the central nervous system which determines how much power one will have when lifting.They also enhance the performance in sports.
  • They help in cells recovery – training and sports are a strenuous business and the cells are exposed to fatigue and micro tears. Steroids help the body cells to recover quickly from these effects which make them more effective in their performance.


Steroids are heavily used in professional sports and it is a high time the regulating bodies consider amending the laws to allow a regulated use.