The quest for a remedy to weight lossproblems has led many people to seek far and wide for a permanent solution. From countless diets, to exercises, to herbal remedies, weight reduction is a cause for concern for a lot of people. Obesity (excessive weight gain) is very dangerous to the human body as stored fat can clog many arteries and increase the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases. It has become vital to take the doctor-approved approach to reducing obesity. One of the prescribed approach is phentermine which is an appetite suppressant. Adipex is a brand name for phentermine in the United States andis used by doctors to stimulate weight loss in patients.


Is Fastin and Adipex the same thing? You may ask yourself, Fastin is a common name you would come across while searching for a remedy for weight loss concerns, and more than often, people wonder if Fastin and Adipex are the same thing. It is imperative to know that Fastin and Adipex were previously names for the Phentermine that helped obese persons shed excess weight. The sales of Fastin was halted in 1998 but was re-introduced into the market by 2008 with a different formulation that didn’t contain Phenetermine.

Adipex works as an appetite suppressant that causes you to consume less food and keep you feeling full for long periods of time. Adipex has also been reported by patients to increase energy and boost metabolism.


There is little case made between dieting and Adipex. Adipex is administered under the supervision of a general practitioner and combined with a diet and exercise regimen. Dieting on the other hand basically involves denying yourself of certain foods in a bid to lose weight. Dieting, can be classified as unhealthy and borderline dangerous if not performed under the right setting (such as reducing specific foods like starch from your diet from a period of time). It causes the participant to gain the lost weight rapidlybecause the body is attempting to adjust to the new intake of food.

Adipex on the other hand is an anorexigenic agent which isassigned under supervision from a general practitioner and combined with exercise and healthy diet regimens to combat weight loss. It has proven effective by several patients when utilized under the prescribed doses. The dosage administered is generally based on your response to therapy and your medical condition. Adipex is generally better for the body and contributes to the wellbeing of the patient because of the increased energy levels present while on Adipex medication.


It is however crucial that you consult your general practitioner if you have the following conditions before you consider taking the Adipexmedication and they are as follows:

  • Allergy to phentermine
  • History of hypertension
  • Severe high blood pressure
  • Utilized a MAO Inhibitor in the previous two weeks
  • Diabetes
  • A thyroid disorder
  • Glaucoma
  • Pregnant and nursing mothers
  • History of drug and alcohol abuse

It is also strongly advised that Adipex should not be taken with other appetite suppressant because of the dangerous side effects that are associated with combining two different suppressants.  It is also important to note that Adipex can be a habit forming medication therefore it is advised to never share medication with another person to prevent cases of addiction to the prescription.

Battle your weight loss today by considering Adipex from your doctor. Note, that it is imperative to speak with your doctor before taking prescription pills.